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21 December 2004.
By 23-rd anniversary of my returning from Afghanistan I continue to publish a photo of old works in my section and section of my mum.

20 December 2004.
The photo of a new pin for tie with my initials has appeared.

5 December 2002.
The advertisement banner of mirron on is "updated". ;)

15 Septebmer 2002.
The Information Bulletin on main page from site has appeared in English.

17 May 2002.
My site frequently visited by the citizens of my native land of Lithuania. Therefore I have decided to existing language versions to add on the Lithuanian language. It very opportunely and to birthday of my son Lukas. It is very useful to him.

26 November 2001.
The section about my job in «CompServis» has appeared. While there 3 photos.

5 November 2001.
Has refused involvement in a ring of jeweller sites "Juvelnet". All I advise to not use his services, - there are a lot of errors in PHP generation of a site, "bad" competitions, there is no English version. Will lose a lot of time and customers.
It is best to use "Russian jeweller network".

23 Oktober 2001.
The design of a site is completely altered. Now he load is faster, the navigating and is more conveniently made, I hope, it is pleasant to you.

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